There’s a million and one entertainment blogs out there, most of which merge into one hideous and indistinguishable mess of opinions, fanboying and totally unfounded speculation. I don’t know why anybody reads it. I don’t know why anybody writes it. Truth be told, I don’t know why people do anything. It’s all pointless in the end anyway. Whatever we do, whatever we say, no one really cares. Writing reviews on the internet and trying to stand out is like trying to be the most impressive straw of hay in the haystack. We all might as well accept the reality that no one cares what we write, that this is a notoriously brutal career path and that we’ll all likely fail in the end anyway. Throw in the towel in advance I say. You can probably live out a comfortably mediocre life with a basically decent job if you just settle for it now. Why subject yourself to the heartbreak of failure? Swallow the pill. Embrace your ordinariness. Get an average job. Have a family. Or don’t. Whatever you do, just know that you’re not special. If you accept that then you get to die moderately contended and forget all this silliness of being a ‘successful’ journalist. It’s not worth it. Whether you’re a success or not, we all head into the darkness  in the end. It’s the great equaliser. Don’t resist.

What was I saying? Oh yeah! Here’s my new entertainment blog guys! Comment and share it around! Retweets in particular will fuel my drive to continue living.

kennel monster paint 70

The deformed amorphous mass of entertainment blogging that I will now be joining. (Credit: Universal Pictures)


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