Friday the 13th: The Game- An Ongoing Redemption Story

This was originally published at Flickering Myth on 7th February 2018. 

Credit: Gun Media/ IIIFonic

Credit where credit’s due, IIIFonic are certainly no EA. In fact, their journey over the past year has evolved into a true redemption story. Their well-meaning enthusiasm and refreshing professional candour is evident in everything that they do, from their earnest interactions with fans, to their continued support and regular free updates. It is obvious that the studio really does care about Friday the 13th: The Game. 

It’s just a shame they ballsed it up at launch.

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Review: Resident Evil 7- Not a Hero

This was originally published at Flickering Myth on 22nd December 2017. 

Whereas End of Zoe had a somewhat hefty price tag associated with it, Not a Hero has no such barrier to entry. This means that if you already own a copy of Resident Evil 7, then you are entitled to this substantial epilogue piece, which sees Chris Redfield fight his way through the South Dulvey Salt Mines, in pursuit of Lucas Baker (the only remaining antagonist from the original game). The expansion ultimately promises to tie up a few loose ends, all whilst delivering the same terrific gameplay that ran through RE:7 itself.

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Review: Resident Evil 7- End of Zoe

This was originally published at Flickering Myth on 17th December 2017. 

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard  is a legitimate candidate for ”most surprising game of 2017”. Which is odd, given that its lofty pedigree should deny it any kind of dark horse status. It is, after all, descending from a uniquely impressive lineage, one that includes bona fide classics like Resident Evil RemakeResident Evil 2 and of course, the incomparable Resident Evil 4.

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