Video Review: Coco



Yet Another Obligatory Oscar Rant: For the Nerds

Excluding the distinctly farcical conclusion, this year’s Academy Award’s ceremony was mostly just business as usual. Excessive features, forced comedy, laboured political references; all present and accounted for. Over in the UK we even got the customary appearance of Alex Zane, who through his sheer presence managed to once again prove that the Schmidt pain index does not go high enough. On a whole it was a fairly by-the-numbers affair.

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Blu-Ray Review: The Martian

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on Feburary 8th.

Directorial comebacks are rarely as exciting as Ridley Scott’s The Martian. More often than not, they just gently assure us that maybe our old favourites haven’t totally lost their touch, but they’re rarely of the same caliber as the older stuff. In Scott’s case however, he’s managed to not only prove that he’s still got it, but also deliver one of his best films yet. Continue reading

Oscars 2015: The winners and the losers

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on February 23rd.

The 87th Academy Awards wrapped up earlier this morning with only a few surprises. Deemed by many to be a two horse race between Boyhood and Birdman, the latter ended up coming out on top with not only a win for Best Picture but also Best Director for Alejandro González Iñárritu. The film also scooped up awards for Best Cinematography and Best Original Screenplay. Best Adapted Screenplay meanwhile went to Graham Moore for his work on The Imitation Game, which faced off against the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice and Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash.  Continue reading