This Week in Gaming

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on November 2nd.

Something a little different to kick off this week. But have no fear, fans of my pretentious pontificating, ‘different’ doesn’t mean that I wont be able to rant about it. November 3rd sees the release of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, a pointless pile of wank that allows you to reassign button inputs and pressure sensitivity… even though most games let you do that on their own menus anyway. Continue reading


How to Fix: Silent Hill

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on October 31st.

Anyone who remotely agrees with the sentiment that games are art, owes it to themselves to play the incomparable Silent Hill 2 at least once. A perfect example of how the gaming medium can tell stories in its own way, without having to mimic film, television or literature, Silent Hill 2 takes players on a psychological journey that starts off as a chilling horror story and ends up as a genuinely moving tragedy.

Since then however, the Silent Hill franchise has had its ups and downs.  Continue reading

Review: 50 Shades of Grey


This was originally published at The Edge SUSU On March 1st 2015. 

Based on E. L. James’ monstrously successful erotic romance novel of the same name, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s filmic adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has at long last arrived and it’s just awful. Truly horrible. Continue reading