Has YouTube Actually Gone Insane?


YouTube seem to be making a concentrated effort lately to alienate their creators. They’ve always been notorious for doing this, due to their lack of proper communication with users, arbitrary terms of service, and their idiotic content ID systems. However, this past year they seem to have gone into overdrive, with PR blunder after PR blunder leading many people to question if they’re intentionally trying to ruin their own business. Continue reading


Allison Road is back from the dead!

Horror games are in a turbulent period right now. While former AAA juggernauts like Resident Evil  and Silent Hill stumble around like drunken babies, the indie scene is growing over saturated with bland rip-offs and tedious jump scare marathons. There’s practically no market for proper horror anymore. Big budget publishers will no longer support traditional spookfests if they don’t have an action-oriented bent, meanwhile steam is exclusively populated by abhorrent variations on Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Continue reading