The Third Annual Reelies

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Reel Opinions Podcast: Episode 13- Legion Analysed


Review: Suicide Squad

Okay, here goes. I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I’m ready to stand up. Ready to plunge my hands into the filth of the internet, so that you can keep yours clean. I’m ready to say some things that might not be popular. Ready to suggest that this film might not be perfect, but that it still might not be an abject failure. Ready to tell you all to calm the hell down with your hyperbole. Because I’m the reviewer that you need, not the one that you deserve. Continue reading

Review: Captain America: Civil War

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on April 21st. 

There was a time (only a few years ago), when a new MCU team-up movie was a monumental, earth-shaking event. Whilst the individual films have more-or-less remained at a consistent level of quality, that sense of specialness has faded over time. Continue reading

Blu-Ray Review: The Guest

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on January 15th 2015. 

If you saw The Guest during its theatrical run, then well done; you saw a cult classic before it was cool.  Only about five people got to see the film in cinemas, and it sure is a shame to see such an entertaining film go almost completely under the radar. Continue reading