Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t even matter


David Ayer’s highly controversial Suicide Squad has been out for more or less a week. Suffice it to say, the film’s already been at the centre of heated debate on nearly every conceivable front, ranging from its presentation of gender issues, to its production problems, right through to its numerous edits. Continue reading


The reboot of Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson versus Gwen Stacy

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on May 4th 2014.

Most people have decided what their stance is on Sony’s Spider-Man reboot by now. There are those who are in favour of restarting the franchise to give it back some of its dignity and get things back on track after the catastrophe that was Spider-Man 3. Others are more critical of what they see as a cynical cash grab in order for Sony to hold onto the rights to their property a little while longer. Whatever your position, it’s hard to say that the reboot is without its merits. Some inspired casting, closer faithfulness to the source material and Marc Webb’s stylish direction all provide the reboot with its own raison d’être. Naturally some of those who are opposed to the very idea of the reboot deny these legitimate virtues that are to be found in Webb’s perfectly valid franchise. At the same time they are equally ready to deny the flaws that can be found in Sam Raimi’s interpretation of the comic book hero (even the first two films have their problems).  It seems to be the done thing; that is, to glorify the original as soon as a new version of something is announced, turning the predecessor into some kind of infallible Holy Grail. Continue reading