The Stupidest Argument in all of Film Criticism


Being the most asinine thing to come out of a discussion about pop culture is a truly monumental achievement. After all, we’re talking about a subject that has people obsessing over the politics of Ghostbusters, whining about how journalists ‘bully’ certain comic-book corporations, and fretting over the horrific injustices of some incredibly rich, famous people not winning shinny awards. To top the stupidity league in this particular climate is no easy feat.

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Yet Another Obligatory Oscar Rant: For the Nerds

Excluding the distinctly farcical conclusion, this year’s Academy Award’s ceremony was mostly just business as usual. Excessive features, forced comedy, laboured political references; all present and accounted for. Over in the UK we even got the customary appearance of Alex Zane, who through his sheer presence managed to once again prove that the Schmidt pain index does not go high enough. On a whole it was a fairly by-the-numbers affair.

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How to Review a Comic-Book Adapatation


Hello there! So I hear that you want to write a review of a new Superhero Film/ TV Show? Well boy have you come to the right place! You see, if you follow our basic tips, then you’ll be able to ignore the blatant irony inherent in complaining about the over-abundance of comic-book adaptations, whilst simultaneously writing another fucking entertainment blog. With this guide, we’ll teach you how to complain that all commercial products are ‘safe’, ‘generic’ and ‘formulaic’, whilst also writing the exact same shit as everyone else on the internet. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and join the ever-growing journalistic cesspit of crushing mediocrity! 

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Has YouTube Actually Gone Insane?


YouTube seem to be making a concentrated effort lately to alienate their creators. They’ve always been notorious for doing this, due to their lack of proper communication with users, arbitrary terms of service, and their idiotic content ID systems. However, this past year they seem to have gone into overdrive, with PR blunder after PR blunder leading many people to question if they’re intentionally trying to ruin their own business. Continue reading

Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t even matter


David Ayer’s highly controversial Suicide Squad has been out for more or less a week. Suffice it to say, the film’s already been at the centre of heated debate on nearly every conceivable front, ranging from its presentation of gender issues, to its production problems, right through to its numerous edits. Continue reading

This Week in Gaming

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on November 2nd.

Something a little different to kick off this week. But have no fear, fans of my pretentious pontificating, ‘different’ doesn’t mean that I wont be able to rant about it. November 3rd sees the release of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, a pointless pile of wank that allows you to reassign button inputs and pressure sensitivity… even though most games let you do that on their own menus anyway. Continue reading

How to Fix: Silent Hill

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on October 31st.

Anyone who remotely agrees with the sentiment that games are art, owes it to themselves to play the incomparable Silent Hill 2 at least once. A perfect example of how the gaming medium can tell stories in its own way, without having to mimic film, television or literature, Silent Hill 2 takes players on a psychological journey that starts off as a chilling horror story and ends up as a genuinely moving tragedy.

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