Screenplay Review: At the Mountains of Madness by Guillermo Del Toro and Matthew Robbins

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Screenplay Review: Wonder Woman by Joss Whedon


02:23– Backstory
03:38– Quick Verdict & Comparison to 2017 film


14:10– Opening
16:32– Leering Description of Female Character #1
19:50– Leering Description of Female Character #2
21:46– Leering Description of Female Character #3
31:03– Meet the one dimensional side-kicks!
35:37– Meet the one dimensional  Villain!
45:39– Leering Description of Female Character #4
49:15– The Most Uncomfortable Recovery Scene in Film History
57:35– The ”Wicked Sexy” Dance
1:07:10– Ripping off Monsters Inc
1:11:51– Wholesome family lesbian joke. + Leering.

1:15:00– Next Time On Backstory Scripts

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Foot fetishes, giant mechanical monsters, and “wicked sexiness” – all this and more features in Joss Weadon’s controversial 2006 Wonder Woman script.

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Review: The Great Wall

When you first hear the positively absurd premise for The Great Wall, your mind will naturally jump to one-of-two disparate conclusions. Either it will be so-bad-that-it’s good, or it will be a great, albeit batshit crazy, popcorn flick. There’s seemingly little room for anything outside of that binary. After all, this is a film about Matt Damon as an Irish (I think) mercenary teaming up with an army of colourfully attired, bungee jumping power-ranger lookalikes, in order to battle mythical lizard creatures that are trying to scale the Great Wall of China. I’ll give you a second to re-read that crack-pot rambling. Go on. Take your time.

One can only assume that this is loosely adapted from a collection of incoherent delusions, found scrawled upon an asylum wall in the author’s own shit. Which sounds promising as hell to me! Oh and it also has Willem Dafoe in it! So how can this be anything but majestically entertaining?

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