Halloween Gaming Recommendations: Part 8- Bonus Picks

This is part of a special Halloween feature that will provide a brief overview of the horror genre, with different recommendations for every type of player. You might notice that the games in this series tend to get pretty good ratings. There are two reasons for this. 1) I’m partial to the horror genre, it happens to be my favourite in gaming. 2) This is a feature of games that I would recommend, therefore they’re bound to be scored highly.

What’s that? You thought I was done? Oh you poor, sweet fools. I’m afraid that you can never escape from my pretentious pontificating. No, I still have so much that I’m simply dying to share with you. The horror genre is a vast enterprise, comprised of the some of the finest games of all time. To recommend only 7 would therefore be a disservice to an incredibly diverse and prestigious gaming tradition. So, even though it’s admittedly a little late, I thought I’d pool together a collection of honourable mentions for you to take a stab at (Assuming that, like me, you have no friends or social obligations to attend to on Halloween). Enjoy. If you dare.… That one didn’t really make any sense…Sorry. Continue reading


Allison Road is back from the dead!

Horror games are in a turbulent period right now. While former AAA juggernauts like Resident Evil  and Silent Hill stumble around like drunken babies, the indie scene is growing over saturated with bland rip-offs and tedious jump scare marathons. There’s practically no market for proper horror anymore. Big budget publishers will no longer support traditional spookfests if they don’t have an action-oriented bent, meanwhile steam is exclusively populated by abhorrent variations on Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Continue reading

How to Fix: Silent Hill

This was originally published at The Edge SUSU on October 31st.

Anyone who remotely agrees with the sentiment that games are art, owes it to themselves to play the incomparable Silent Hill 2 at least once. A perfect example of how the gaming medium can tell stories in its own way, without having to mimic film, television or literature, Silent Hill 2 takes players on a psychological journey that starts off as a chilling horror story and ends up as a genuinely moving tragedy.

Since then however, the Silent Hill franchise has had its ups and downs.  Continue reading